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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our week in Pixlr!

Time for another week summed up in photos taken from my phone!  Since I didn't get to post last week, I'm sharing a few pictures from last week as well.

Last week we spent a lot of time outside.  And I think the only thing our dog likes more than being in the house with us, is being outside with us.  Look at Scout's big smile!

I took Austin to get his second haircut (finally!) last week, and here Makayla is playing very nicely while she wait for brother to get all spiffy. 

Austin was a little more weirded out by the hair cut this time.  He was still very good, but had sound serious looks for the strange lady that kept spraying his head with a water bottle.

With all the product that the hair lady put in his hair, nap time really make him look whacky! I think I liked this look better than the the way it was styled at the kids salon!

Last weekend, a good friend and I took the kids for a short drive to the Asparagus Festival.  We  enjoyed deep fried asparagus, Asparitas (asparagus margaritas!) and asparagus ice cream!  It was a bit warm, to stay too long, but we really enjoyed the day!

We took the kids to a park/zoo for younger kids.  Here, Makayla is meeting Mini Horse.  I used to go to this place when I was little, so it was really fun to get to take them, even thought they will have a lot more fun there in the next year or two!
 Just a mom and her daughter. <3

We took the twerpies on their first carousel ride!  This literally moved me to tears.  Carousel rides bring back such emotional memories for me about my childhood, so although the kids were not that excited about it, it was a dream come true moment for me. 

Once we got moving , Makayla lost it.  I think all the movement was probably a bit much, visually, for her.

My goofy boy.  Always playing with things the "wrong" way.  I got these tubs to sort and put away the kids toys in, but Austin likes to dump them out and play inside the tubs.

Makayla is sick AGAIN, so we've been taking it easy at home.  Joey blew bubbles for the twerpies and although I've tried bubbles with them before, they were CRAZY about them this time!

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  1. Awww sweet pics. I like Austin's after nap do also. Those asparagus look yummy!

  2. Love the Thomas the Train seat at the hairstylist!!!!  Luckily, Poppet just lets me hold her still and is fascinated by herself in the mirror!  Looks like a great week!

    Warmest regards,

  3. looks like a fun busy week!!!

  4. Now I feel like I didn't do anything at all last week! Wow. What a busy week you had. Very sweet pics.