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Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Week In Pixler!

Here's our week in photos from my phone!  They are very Makyla-heavy since we spent three days alone with her traveling to Ohio!  Of course, there will be more (real) photos and info on Ohio coming, just as soon as we manage to catch our breath around here!

Story time with daddy, before bed. 

 Makeup-less, getting in some snuggles with my sick little guy, before leaving him for a few days. 
 Makayla is crazy about our pup.  She pets him and says, "good dog!"
My crazy little girl, climbed right into her tub of toys.  What better place is there to be?

At SFO, getting ready to board Makayla's first flight!  This was not easy travel, as we went from San Fransisco, to North Carolina, to Ohio, and then, Ohio, to Atlanta, to San Fransisco. She did really well, and made many friends on the planes!

On her very first flight, handling it like a pro and reading to her daddy!

Settling into our room at the Ronald McDonald House. 

Finally at Dr. Hertle's office!  It was a long stressful day, but we got so many answers, and a plan for treatment....but of course that deserves it's own post!

Tuckered out after three long days of traveling and tests, and very little sleep. 

In Akron's airport they have a play area for toddlers that they call a "playport" Genius!!!!  Every airport should have one of theses.
Austin playing with my hair.  This kid is so affectionate.  He just melts all my insides!
What's better than coming home to a clean house?  Coming home to these beautiful flowers!  My amazing sister-in-law, not only flew up from Southern California to take care of our monkey for us while we were in Ohio, she scrubbed the house down, went grocery shopping, and surprised us with these gorgeous tulips!
95 degrees today!  We spent the whole afternoon outside playing water games in their new water table!  I blew bubbles for them, and they splished and splashed and squealed!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My week by Pixlr!

The very popular Instagram application, for iPhone, was the inspiration for this weekly post.  However, since I have an Andriod phone, I haven't had Instagram available to me, until this past week, so I found Pixler-o-matic instead.  Pixlr doesn't have an online sharing forum, but it has similar photo editing options.

I have to say, now that I have instagram, I'm not all that impressed.  I can do way more with my pictures on Pixlr, and I'm not sure why I would need an online sharing forum, when all the people I already want to share my pictures with are on Facebook and Twitter anyway.

Soooo Ashleigh, get to the point!  My point is, even thought i have the world famous, billion dollar Instagram now, I'm going to keep sharing my week in pictures with Pixlr.  

Now, on with the week!  This is a short week, since we were all sick again...

I was snacking on the kids goldfish crackers, right out of the box, and Makayla thought that was just way too funny, so she came to help.  This tiny little girl just kept stuffing goldfish after goldfish into her cheeks.  She had to have about eight in her mouth right here.

Hoorayyyyyyy!  I got my hair done this week for the first time in over a year!  I think it might be too blonde and too short...or it's just been so long since I've had it done I'm not used to the change yet. 

The Twerpies took their first bath without any little seats or positioners.  They loved "swimming" around and thier new found freedom.  I however, nearly had a heart attack each time they wiggled.

Makayla and her books.  This girl just isn't happy unless she's reading to someone.  And we're loving it!

That's it for this week!  Next week will be our big trip to Ohio for Makayla, so I will be taking lots of pictures to share!

Friday, April 13, 2012

What We're Reading!

Well, we're sick again!  All four of us this time.  With less than a week until our big trip to Ohio, we are shaking off what is left of our most recent cold.  I'm hoping that we are all in the clear before we leave on Tuesday.  With Austin's asthma, I really don't want to leave him behind with a flare up ready and able to happen at any moment.

While we are all under the weather, so was the rest of Northern California!  We have been having some very unusual, almost Midwestern weather.  Complete with thunder and lightning storms, and a supposed tornado-watch, just over the hills from us.  Of course, all this makes for great reading weather!

This week we are reading Two is for Twins.  This was a birthday gift to the twins by Makayla's Physical and Vision Therapists.  Although the gift was very thoughtful, personally, I'm not a big fan of this book.  Something about the drawings creep me out a little and the words to the book doesn't flow off my tongue easily...but, what I think about it does not mater, because the kiddos are crazy about this book.  I cannot even tell you how many times Makayla and Austin have demanded that we read it to them.  It's a bit longer than a lot of other books we have read, which I think is part of why they like it so much.  And although I do not care for the drawings, Makayla loves to point out all the details, and goes on and on (in Twineese, not English) about all the things she's finding.

10 Things I Never Thought I'd Say

There are certain phrases that you never expect to have spill out of your own lips....and then you become a mom!  Here's a short list of the things that keep me laughing each day!

"I have twins."

"Wait, let me smell his/her butt!" 

"I just want to pee alone!" 

"Baby, no! Let's not eat rocks!" 

"Yes, I'd love to eat your foam, letter G, block and spit it in your face for you're never ending entertainment"

"Mommy's butt is not a bongo..."

"Sweetie, peanut butter does not go in your hair."

"I think I'd like to have a third baby."

"Did you just pee in your brother's bed?"

"I can pick my own nose, thank you!"

And I'm not quite 17 months in yet, so I'm sure the really good stuff is still to come!  What are the phrases that motherhood (or fatherhood) surprised you with?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My week in pixlr!

This week has flown by, and we did so much that looking back through the pictures, I can't believe all this fun was crammed into one week!

I am fortunate enough to live in a town that has over 40 wineries, and six of my closest friends.  This past weekend, the wineries had a barrel tasting event, so I called my dad in for "Grandpa Duties," and we all piled in a friend's Tahoe and designated my, pregnant, best friend the official navigator and chauffeur.  At the last of six wineries for the day, we tasted a Carignan and a Zinfandel from the barrels off the back of a pick up truck!

My handsome hubby, bottling our own Carignan, from the last winery we visited.

Early the next morning I packed the kids up for a short roadtrip north to visit some family.  Austin is standing in a yard that used to be the swimming pool that I lived my summers in, and he is learning to blow bubbles.  Is this what Oprah is talking about when she say's "full circle moment"?  I think so.   

Meanwhile, Makayla is sitting in her bucket-o-toys, showing my Aunt all her favorites ones!

Makayla got her first boo-boo that required more than a mommy-kiss to make it all better. 

My freebies for the week!  Actually the razors were $1.99 each, but the rest was free thanks to my coupons and awesome sales and clearance!  That Allegra could not come soon enough, either.  Spring is definitely in the air...and up my nose!

Finally getting around to making my Grandma's famous Potato Salad.  Actually, my cousin tells me it's my Aunt's recipe.  I have had the recipe for years, but haven't made it until now.  It came out pretty good, but I definitely can do it better next time! (Please note: the Fig Newtons and wine are cooking "utensils", not ingredients!)

I think this may have been my favorite part of the week.  We have been meeting with a playgroup of twins that are all about the same age, for close to a year now.  Yesterday, the host of the playgroup, arranged an egg hunt for all the little ones.  The weather was perfect, there were more little ones there yesterday that have ever made it at one time, before!  Seven sets of twins, ages 12 months to 16 months, and two, two-year-olds (older siblings).  Everyone had a blast!

Makayla with her eggs.  She had such a good time, just sitting and shaking her eggs...and then she finally figured out that there were goodies inside!

Once we got home, I gave them some real food to counter act all that sugar, and my still happy kiddos played peek-a-boo with me while they ate. 

Now, that is one happy little boy!  Makes my heart ache!

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Friday, April 6, 2012

What We're Reading

These kids are loving their books more and more each week.  Makayla will have a stack of three of four she wants to read at one time, and when we're through with that stack, we can start all over again!  I'm still not clear who is reading to who.  These are the moments I chant in my head, "Never forget this moment, never forget this moment!" because I know that it's going to pass all too quickly and I'm going to miss it so much.

This week's book was picked out by Austin.  Baby Einstein: See and Spy Shapes.  Generally, everything Baby Einstein is a huge hit around here, and this book is no exception.  Each page features a different shape and short poem about how to identify the shape, and a challenge to find all the other shapes in the picture.

With twins, there is never a shortage of things to buy, so I am obsessed with finding books/toys/clothes that we can grow with, and this book fits the bill.  The twerpies really aren't old enough to care about shapes yet, but the fun pictures and the catchy rhymes make it a lot of now, and later, it will be a great way to teach them their shapes.