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Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Week In Pixler!

Here's our week in photos from my phone!  They are very Makyla-heavy since we spent three days alone with her traveling to Ohio!  Of course, there will be more (real) photos and info on Ohio coming, just as soon as we manage to catch our breath around here!

Story time with daddy, before bed. 

 Makeup-less, getting in some snuggles with my sick little guy, before leaving him for a few days. 
 Makayla is crazy about our pup.  She pets him and says, "good dog!"
My crazy little girl, climbed right into her tub of toys.  What better place is there to be?

At SFO, getting ready to board Makayla's first flight!  This was not easy travel, as we went from San Fransisco, to North Carolina, to Ohio, and then, Ohio, to Atlanta, to San Fransisco. She did really well, and made many friends on the planes!

On her very first flight, handling it like a pro and reading to her daddy!

Settling into our room at the Ronald McDonald House. 

Finally at Dr. Hertle's office!  It was a long stressful day, but we got so many answers, and a plan for treatment....but of course that deserves it's own post!

Tuckered out after three long days of traveling and tests, and very little sleep. 

In Akron's airport they have a play area for toddlers that they call a "playport" Genius!!!!  Every airport should have one of theses.
Austin playing with my hair.  This kid is so affectionate.  He just melts all my insides!
What's better than coming home to a clean house?  Coming home to these beautiful flowers!  My amazing sister-in-law, not only flew up from Southern California to take care of our monkey for us while we were in Ohio, she scrubbed the house down, went grocery shopping, and surprised us with these gorgeous tulips!
95 degrees today!  We spent the whole afternoon outside playing water games in their new water table!  I blew bubbles for them, and they splished and splashed and squealed!


  1. I love the water table picture..so much fun and cute baby feet!

    Did I miss the Ohio update? Good news, I hope!

  2. Thank you! We did get good news, but I haven't had a chance to share an update yet. I'm hoping to get to it soon, we have just been so jetlagged!