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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back From Crazy

This has been a rough week.  Two miserable babies, and no sleep or rest. 

You would think those early months with twins would have prepared me for a sleepless night or two.  But the truth is, not at all.  I believe, with all of my heart, that something super-human happens in a new mom when she's caring for her newborn(s) that gives her the strength to function without sleep.  As little sleep as I was getting in those first months as a new mom, I still felt alert, happy and capable of driving a car.  I remember saying at the time, that I didn't really even miss sleep.

I am definitely no longer super-human.

In this past week, when our sleep pattern went back to the first days as new parents, when we were up each hour for feedings, I was a complete mess.  My husband might tell you I went crazy (don't tell him I said so, but he's probably right).  I was sore, I was disoriented and had trouble keeping my train of thought, and I ate entirely too much (because what I felt, was really similar to the feeling of low blood sugar) and was definitely a total bitch bit crabby.
But, I'm happy to say, last night we got a solid six hours of sleep.  Yes, I'm jumping for joy over six hours.  I feel like a whole new woman!

Excited to be feeling like myself again, and hopeful that the distraction of the outside world might make my kiddos feel better, I packed up the kids in their wagon and went down to one of our local wineries for Gourmet Food Trucks at the Vineyard.

The kids were amazing.  So well behaved.  Austin enjoyed all the people watching and made a few new friends.  They both got to try lobster for the first time, Austin didn't seem too impressed, but had no real complaints.  Makayla, on the other hand, was entirely offended that I would even consider offering her such a vile snack (...or she wasn't feeling so good).

I felt pretty bad when we got home.  Makayla's cheeks were super pink from the fever she now had.  Feeling a bit like a failed mommy, I loaded her up with Tylenol and water, and sent the kiddos to bed early.  Still, I'm grateful for some time in the sunshine with my family, and the food and wine was absolutely delish!

Makayla showing off her new shades!
Austin waving, "Hello!"

I will feel so much better if my little girl wakes up happy and feverless tomorrow...


  1. I hate this time of year when they are constantly getting sick! I'm glad you could all get out and get a little sun and fun!! I remember when our first child had a really horrible virus that kept him throwing up and feverish for days, he was 15 months and I had stopped nursing about 4months before. I was up so much that my body started making milk again. My body must have thought, oh, it's a newborn!! Stinky time, I hope it's gone and all will be healthy!!

  2. Sounds like a great way to celebrate your 6 hours of sleep! But, Ugh! Those days of lack of sleep are rough and make the world not look so pretty. Hoping for my hours of rest for you ahead. :)

  3. Lack of sleep is something you can't train for, nor do you ever get used to it! It's terrible!
    Hope you feel better soon.


  4. Here's to hoping everyone feels better tomorrow!!

  5. I soooo get it, though I don't have twins! Lack of sleep = horrible. Dealing with sick kids = not fun (I feel bad saying "horrible," but that's what I was thinking!). We've been through the wringer over here for the last 2 months with repeat illnesses and I'm over it! Good luck!

  6. Oh these bugs. Our house was just hit for 9 days! I hope your sweet babes are on the mend and you get some more sleep. The first night I had 5 continuous hours of sleep gave me a feeling of invincibility the next day. Oh sleep, what a precious thing. Sickness be gone!!

  7. Interesting fact: When you give birth, a hormone is released in your body to help you have super-human strength.... or at least it triggers your maternal instinct to focus on bonding so that the lack of sleep actually is less burdensome! Cool, huh?

    I hope your babies are both better soon!

  8. Ashleigh! Oh my goodness - so I feel your pain! And I totally know how you can appreciate 6 hours of sleep. After a few sleepless nights it's just heavenly. Hope your kiddos are on the mend. Mine are finally! I wish we could just go to the winery for a little snack! that sounds heavenly too!
    Leigh@ oneandoneequalstwinfun.com

  9. I once asked my sister at what point do you forget all of the hard stuff and lack of sleep, etc. to want to have another child? She said at about 6 months, and it is a weird thing. I think there are super-human hormones or something going to work. Ah, I just noticed Karen's comment...yes, hormones!

    Hope everyone gets well soon!