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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Too busy to blog? I hope not.

The transition from infant to toddlerhood, times two, has proved to be all consuming, leaving little time for blogging...But, I hope that is about to change.

Makayla & Austin on their 1st birthday - December 2011

I recently watched Motherhood with Uma Thurman.  A movie I'd never heard of before stumbling upon it on HBO.  It's a really relatable story about a mom juggling her two kids, and although the joy her kids bring her is obvious and unwavering, the challenges that come with motherhood can be so stressful that we sometimes lose ourselves.  In the movie, Uma's character uses blogging to give her the "adult conversation" that stay-at-home moms miss so badly, and to fulfill her sense of self.

It really was a cute movie that had me saying, "oh my god, YES!  I'm not the only one?" all through out.  And it also made me miss my little blogging moments.  That's when I decided I want to revive this blog!

However, I recently (and I mean VERY recently) started a new blog (Love 2 Be Mom) with my good friend, and fellow mommy, Laura, of LauraGetsFit, on all things mommy.  Our goal is to share tips and ideas with moms about what makes us successful moms.  Happiness Is will remain a very personal blog where I will unapologetically brag about my beautiful babies, and share our story as me learn and navigate Makayla's Nystagmus.

I hope that you'll join Laura and I at Love2BeMom and continue to follow my family's story here!  I promise to write more regularly, if you promise to read, and occasionally comment.

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  1. What cuties you have there. Thank you for hopping over to Saving and Sharing It and following. I am following back.