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Monday, July 9, 2012

25 Years

From left to right: Me, Lil Sister Amber, Aubrey
As of this summer, I have had my best friend in my life for 25 years.  This is truly a milestone worth recognition!  How many people even manage to stay married for that long?  We have been a part of each others' lives since we were five.  

We met the summer before first grade at our day care and we were immediately inseparable. Apparently, too inseparable.  More than a few times, we were told by the lady who ran our daycare that couldn't play together anymore because we were "too clique-ish".  I don't remember ever excluding anyone from playing with us.  We weren't mean girls, we were just always together.  I can't think of a single memory from early childhood that she isn't a part of.

 We held a sidewalk sale once, and sold art work we had made.  Lemonade stands are for the boring.  We made $1.25 that day. 

There were countless sleep overs. All night dance-a-thons. Laser disc movie nights. Roller skate dates.  Family vacations.  Ghost hunting.  Matching outfits for Twins school spirit day.  Plans for a road trip across the country after high school and for matching tattoos. And 14 birthday parties....

And then I moved.  Just before the seventh grade, my family moved about 20 minutes away.  Sure that doesn't sound too far, but when you can't drive yet, that may as well be out of state.  Determined to stay as close as ever, we talked everyday, and we mailed each other the notes we used to pass in class.  We spent almost every weekend together, and went to each others' school dances and proms.  Once we started driving and graduated high school, it was a lot easier.

We have been there for every single one of life's big events, and every heartbreak.  There is truly no one else in the world who knows all the events of my life the way she does.  She may be the only person, besides my husband, who can keep my complicated extended family straight.

She is the sister I never had.

We stood next to each other at each of our weddings.  A year and a half ago, she was there when my life changed forever, as my twerpies made their debut.  And yesterday, she welcomed her first baby, such a handsome little boy, into this world.  I am so happy for her and her family, and  am so looking forward to this new chapter in our lives.

I love you, Mrs. Harkey!


  1. I love your post! I hope that our son has a friend to grow up with and be close to as the two of you have! Very sweet!

  2. I hope everyone has a best friend growing up. I still keep in touch with my bestie today and she has been there for everything!

  3. Leigh MontgomeryJuly 9, 2012 at 7:09 PM

    You are so lucky to have such a wonderful friend in your life! You cuys are too cute :)

  4. How sweet! You are definitely one lucky girl!

  5. this post made me smile. you are very very lucky! love the pics.