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Friday, August 17, 2012

Saying Our "Goodbyes"

In just a few short days my husband and the twerpies will be on their way to our new home in Southern California, where we will get to live across the street from my husband's sister and her family, and across town from his parents. I will stay behind an extra week so that I can go to a couple of important weddings, but since the twerpies will be gone by Tuesday, we are starting our goodbyes now.

Today was our last visit with our local twin group.  When I first found out I was having twins, I joined a local twin mom group that is made up of probably a few hundred families.  At just three of four months old, we started meeting up with a smaller portion of the group that had twins all the same age.  At first it started with just two other moms, three sets of twins and an older sibling, so eight kids.  The twins were all three to four months old.  We have met almost weekly with a few exceptions over that time frame and our group has grown considerable to about seven moms on a regular basis and a handful more that join now and then. 

I have come to appreciate this group so much.  In the beginning, I just looked forward to a safe place to get out of the house with the kids, but it grew into an amazing support system.  I have met with these moms since the day we found out about Makayla's nystagmus, and all of her tests and treatments.  We have compared mommy notes. 

Being with these kids and their moms make me feel normal.  I can be having the worst week, and be coming down so hard on my self and my kids, but an hour with these moms and I feel so sane again, and normal.

There isn't anything quite like this twin group near where we will be moving.  I will miss these moms and our weekly playdates.  I hope that when I coem up to visit I can sneak in short playdates with our first friends.  I hope I don't miss out on seeing these fun kids grow....thank goodness for facebook!

Today, for our last visit, we ventured out from our usual home visit, to a local fun spot for toddlers called SuperFranks.  Watching them in a new environment, being so independent, I couldn't help but think back to the first time we met and all the babies slept through the playdate in their carseats.  They interact now, "talk" to each other. 

We had too much fun, and tuckered out quickly, but I am so glad we had that chance to get in this last playdate.  Our friends even had goodbye cards for us, that while no one was looking, brought tearsto my eyes!

Until our next visit playgroup!  We will miss you!


  1. It's hard to move sometimes, I know I have done it enough.... But I feel certain that all the family around you, the new place will bring new adventures for you all! The twins are going to love it!!!

  2. Praying your new home brings you love and support!

  3. All the best for a smooth move! Hope you find another supportive group near you soon:)
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. How nice to be living across the street from your family! I hope the move is all you want and more.